Bangladesh is the largest producer of finest quality jute in the world and often called Golden Fiber of Bangladesh.  Diversified jute products are becoming more and more valuable to the consumer today. Among these are espadrilles, floor coverings, home textiles, high performance technical textiles, Geo textiles, composites, and more. Jute has many advantages as a home textile, either replacing cotton or blending with it. It is a strong, durable, color and light-fast fiber. Its UV protection, sound and heat insulation, low thermal conduction and anti-static properties make it a wise choice in home décor. Also, fabrics made of jute fibers are carbon-dioxide neutral and naturally decomposable. These properties are also why jute can be used in high performance technical textiles.


Jute has gained an advantage as being an eco-friendly option instead of poly and paper bags as poly bag are made from petroleum and are non-biodegradable and manufacturing paper bags requires large quantities of wood. Jute has none of these problems and is therefore being used widely for these purposes. Jute is also used for making fashion & promotional bags.


BS PIONEER LTD is a renowned trading organization in Bangladesh for exporting quality jute products around the world. We have extensive range of production facilities from spinning to textile mills producing various ranges of custom made products. Kindly find below some of our product list for reference purpose:



Article Name


Jute Yarns, Twines, Rope

Natural, dyed, normal, polished, CB/CRM/CRT/CRP quality.

08 lbs – 36lbs, 10” x 10” spool wrapped by polythene/export worthy bag. 15M / 20ft FCL & 26M / 40ft FCL

Jute webbing / Jute tape

Width: 2 – 3.5 inch, weight: 9lbs – 24lbs/unit (144yards), 6 – 8 peaks / square inch, 1 – 8 stripes, 11.5M / 20ft FCL

Plain Hessian Cloth

Width: 22" to 80", Weight:5 to 14 ozs./sq.yd., Colour: Natural, Semi-bright, Full-bright, Bleached and Dyed; Packing: 700 - 2000 yds / bale or in roll.

Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC)

Width: 47" - 203"; Weight: 5.5 - 9.0 ozs./sq.yd.; Packing: 500 - 1000 yds.1 roll. Jute Yarn and Twine Quality: CB, Hessian and Sacking; Ply: 1- 3; Count:8 - 20 lbs.; packing: Precision / Mackroll in hank.

Canvas Cloth

Width:36" - 45"; Weight: 14 - 20 ozs.; Porter & Shots: Tarpaulin 10x10, Canvas 14x14, packing: 1000 yds. / bale.

Burlap Sheet

24” x 24” , 36” x 36”, 40” x 40”, 72” x 72”, 1000 sheets / bale

Twill Bag

Twill bag (44"x26.5" - 2.62 lbs.), B.Twill Bag (44"x26.5" - 2.25 lbs.), L.Twill Bag (44"x26.5" - 2.50 Ibs), Binola Bag (44"x26.5" - 2.00 lbs.), Corn Sack (41"x31" - 1.75 to 2.15 lbs.), Cement Bag (29"x20" - 1.25 lbs.), Coffee Bag (40"x26" - 2.00 lbs.), Grain Sack 60"x30" - 3.25 lbs.), Sugar Bag (48"x28" - 2.50 lbs.).

Double Warp Bags

Heavycees (40"x28" - 2.25 lbs.), Lightcees (40"x20" - 2.00 lbs.), D.W. Flour Bag 58"x28" - 2.25 lbs.), D.W Salt Bag (45"x26.5" - 1.75 lbs.), D.W Nitrate Bag (35"x26" - 1.25 lbs.).

Geo Jute

Width: 48” weight: 1.22lbs or 540gm / yards, 600yards / bale, 52 bales / 20ft FCL

Hessian Bag

Sizes: Available as per buyer's requirement; Sewing: Herackle and Overhead (safety sewing optional); Colour: Natural, Semi-brite, Full-brite, Bleached, Dyed; Branding: upto 3 colour; Packing: 500-1000 bags flat or folded per bale.

Sacking bag

Sizes: As per requirement; Weight: Standard or light; Sewing: Overhead Dry Sewn, Overhead Tar sewn, Safety sewn (optional); Colour: Natural, Bleached; Branding: Up to 3 colour; Packing: 200-500 bags 1 bale (Flat or folded).

Shopping Bag

As per buyers requirements. For Example: Sizes: 35x53x22 cm (HxWxD), 340GSM ,Suitable as promotional bag, shopping bag
Jute Bag/Jute Shopping Bag/handbags


Various types of jute and jute blended products for household and furnishing use


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